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DynaWhey Protein Beverage Mix

Best Value Model
DynaWhey is produced by Direct NutriSciences, who then sell to you, the consumer. There are no distribution companies involved, which means the price you pay is much lower. Buying directly from the manufacturer saves you money.

Additionally, DynaWhey does not spend any money on elaborate and expensive advertising campaigns, which means that this money can be passed back to you with a very economically priced, high quality product. Advertising costs money and the only way for companies to pay for it is by raising the price of their products.

The Very Best Quality
DynaWhey is made with only the best sources of protein available. Whey Protein can vary in both taste, mixability, and level of protein content. Before Direct NutriSciences commits to any protein order, samples must be approved by Direct NutriSciences' Flavour Panel and stringent laboratory tests. DynaWhey is made in a technologically advanced facility that holds a Good Manufacturting Practices certification.

Superior Flavour
Direct NutriSciences has 3 trained Flavour Specialists who regularly attend courses to understand how to apply the latest flavour technologies. It is for this reason that some of the largest sports nutrition companies come to Direct NutriSciences to have their product formulated and produced. We are truly Canada's experts in protein flavouring.

Rigorous Quality Control Ensures Safety

Before any DynaWhey is produced at Direct NutriSciences, all raw materials (protein and flavours) must be tested for any microbial content. Only when they are approved by the Quality Assurance Department, does any batch of DynaWhey proceed to production. Before the first bag of DynaWhey is filled, a sample must be submitted to our internal Flavour Panel, where it must pass several tests including flavour quality and consistency, as well as its ability to disperse in water, milk, and juice. Once approved in every category, the bags get filled, sealed, and boxed. One random sample is then selected from this batch and then rushed to the laboratory for results on protein content and microbial activity. Direct NutriSciences prides itself on ensuring every batch of protein is perfect for the consumer.

0 Sugars, 0 Trans Fat, and No Artificial Colour

Mixes Instantly - No Blender Required
The protein in DynaWhey is carefully selected from cheese plants who have the equipment to ensure that the active sub-fractions of the protein are preserved. In addition, to guarantee that DynaWhey mixes perfectly, the very latest and most advanced agglomeration techniques are used, which combines a little lecithin with the protein so it can disbursed rapidly in water and other liquids.

Direct From the Manufacturer
Selling directly to you means we can remove the unnecessary wholesalers, distributors, and listing fees we pay to large retail chains. These savings get passed directly to you, the customer.

Leader in Eco-Friendly Protein Packaging
Direct NutriSciences is proud to be the very first protein manufacturer to use flexible packaging that uses less packaging material than the big plastic jars that are traditionally used. This new unique flexible packaging reduces waste, locks in freshness, and can be conveniently packed for travel.


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