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Learn More About Maximus Whey

Maximus Whey Protein Beverage Mix

Best Value Guarantee
We will beat any advertised price by 10% of the difference based on the most grams of protein for your hard earned dollar.

The Very Best Quality
Made with the best source of protein available preserving the active subfractions of the protein. Produced in a technologically advanced facility with Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (cGMP).

Superior Flavour
Beats all competitor's 3 to 1 in double blind taste test AND is made without artificial colour and sweeteners.

Direct From the Manufacturer
Selling directly to you means we can remove the unnecessary wholesalers, distributors, and listing fees we pay to large retail chains. These savings get passed directly to you, the customer.

One of the Largest Producers of Protein in Canada
With over 17 tractor trailer loads a month, take advantage of our purchasing power to deliver you the best price. In addition, this volume makes us "the protein experts" of Canada.

The Maximus Difference

Maximus Whey Protein has been designed to make it very convenient, easy and economical to increase the amount of high-quality protein in your diet.

Due to its high absorption, Whey Protein is considered to be the best form of protein available. Whey Protein is not only critical for the healthy maintenance of muscle and other body tissues, but it is extremely effective to those people wishing to combat a diet high in carbohydrates. In addition, Whey Protein is very well know for its immune agents, Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, and naturally occurring Glutamine.

With so many diet products to choose from, it is important to offer consumers a protein source that does not use artificial sweeteners or high glycemic sugars. Maximus is one of the first proteins to publish its calculated Glycemic Index (GI) value of 36*, which is good news for your weight loss goals and the diabetic community. Keeping your blood sugars stable is an important strategy to maintaining optimal health and weight.

Taste is extremely important to any proteins profile. Maximus is continually evaluating its flavour performance and introducing new flavour technologies and as a result continually finishes in the top 3 in double blind studies against competitors.

Maximus has been designed without the requirement of expensive additives that are often included in competing products due to hype or marketing objectives, rather than actual scientific explanation. More importantly, Maximus refrains from spending excessive amounts advertising their product, which is always passed on to the consumer through a higher price.

* Based on mixing one serving size in a glass of water. Blood sugar levels measure over two hours and reverenced against glucose response in same patient.

Please compare Maximus Whey to other proteins to determine if they use or contain expensive additives that may be of no use to you or have expensive advertising campaigns then compare the price.

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